Billard Pool ! v1.2 apk Free Download

Billard Pool ! v1.2 apk Full Free Download
Title : Billard Pool ! v1.2 apk Free Download
Type : Download

Billard Pool ! v1.2
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: Play 8-ball billiard with your friends or against a challenging AI.

Game features:
- 6 CPU levels
- High precision shooting.
- Realistic physics on ball break, collision, corners, walls and pockets.
- 3D ball animation.
- Aiming let you shoot with one single finger touch from anywhere on the screen.
- High quality graphics.
- 2 different types of board pool skin.
- Dynamic sound effects.
How to play :

Touch anywhere on the screen to start a shoot, then pull back as if you would bend a bow, the strength increases as you get away from the initial point.

The goal is to pocket all your assigned balls and the last black. Your balls are assigned when one of the player pocket the first ball.
You can have the Highs(solid-colored balls) or the Lows(striped balls), there is no specific order to pocket the balls, you just have to end with the black.
There is a FOUL if you hit your opponent’s balls before any of your own ball, if you don’t touch any ball during a shoot and if you pocket one of your opponent balls. When there is a FOUL, the other player have 2 visits, it means he can play 2 times if he doesn’t pocket any ball.

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Billard Pool ! v1.2 apk Free

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